puerto varas, chile

A unique natural setting along the LLanquihue Lake, in full view of three majestic beasts: Volcán Osorno, Volcán Calbuco and Volcán Puntiagudo.

Between these volcanoes is the breathtaking Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, which protects the body of the lake Todos los Santos, giving rise to the Petrohué River.

In addition to offering unbeatable views, this landscape offers a wide variety of recreational and sports experiences for all levels: kayaking, class III rafting, skiing, hiking, biking, climbing, fly fishing and much more!

Come to Ensenada, endless adventures await…

Petrohué Falls

Petrohué Falls, fantastic waterfalls of the Petrohué River within the territory of the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park. Purchase your tickets here, https://www.aspticket.cl/

Some 6 km further on is the lake Todos los Santos, where you can embark on a boat or catamaran and enjoy wonderful views from a different perspective.

Viewpoint Laguna Verde

Laguna Verde

Laguna Verde, where you can take beautiful self-guided trails and surely run into a curious fox. The facilities have a CONAF office, souvenir shop and restrooms.

Pump Track

Parque Hueñu Hueñu

Parque Hueñu Hueñu is located on Route V-69, 6km from Ensenada, about 20 minutes from La Colmena.

Enjoy trails with access to the river, cafeteria-pizzeria, pump-track, bike rental, games and more! Fun for all ages.

Excellent workshops, experiences and educational meetings in nature.


Osorno Volcano
Osorno Volcano is parrt of theParque Nacional Vicente Pérez Rosales, and its height is 2650 meters. A complete panoramic view of Lake Llanquihue and part of the Andes is possible on a sunny day.

Located just 6km from Ensenada, the vehicle reaches an altitude of 1,200 meters on a paved road where there is a Ski and Mountain Center, Cafeteria service and different activities for all ages.


Canopy Chile
Jump from tree to tree! Through cables you will fly through the forest! (children as of 5 yrs).

Located a few kilometers from Ensenada, on the way to Cascadas.



Aremko Hot tubs
Hot tubs, massages and spa just half an hour from Ensenada. Enjoy the sound of nature next to the river from your hot tub.


Guided adventures

rafting, hiking, fly-fishing…

Enjoy the wonders of nature venturing into a great adventure. Local businesses offer outings for all ages.

Class III rafting in the Petrohué river

Enjoy the impressive scenery from the raft as you face class III and IV rapids on the Petrohué River. From 10 years old, no previous experience is required.

Duration: 3 hours aprox.


Skii Touring
Enjoy the best slopes available in the Lake District inside and outside the ski center, guided by Chilean skiers who will take you to discover wonderful places.

Our programs are designed to satisfy the appetite for winter adventure of experienced skiers and riders.

Tours available between July and October.


Trekking and biking Osorno volcano
From the slopes of the Osorno Volcano, a 3-hour walk begins in the direction of the Glacier viewpoint (1800 meters above sea level) to observe the characteristic Seracs of the glacier. We’ill descend to the Red Volcano and return to the starting point. We’ll ride our bicycles to Ensenada.

Duration: full day
Contact: +56 9 8640 5042


Trekking in the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park

Volcano ascents and hikes led by excellent certified guides.
“From forests and lakes to the highest peaks of the Andes, we accompany you to enjoy the world of adventure and exploration.”


Kayak La Poza

You can enjoy the beautiful surroundings with gorgeous views of the Calbuco volcano. The perfect activity for the whole family and for those who want to discover kayaking. Half day tour.

Duration: 3 hours aprox


Hike Paso Desolación
This hike begins with a 40-minute ascent to the valley between the volcano and Cerro La Picada, where we’ll enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the basin and the volcanoes adjacent to Todos los Santos Lake. The trail descends to the lake and ends in the Petrohué sector.

Duration: 6 hours aprox.

Fly fishing
Our friend and experienced guide Mauricio will take you on a full day of fly fishing.

Catch & release fishing, permits provided.

Call +56 9 7397 1496

El Solitario trail

A classic trek crossing temperate rain forests and volcanic lahars on a 6 km low-difficulty trail that crosses the southern slope of the Osorno volcano to the Petrohué river valley. An interpretive tour of the forest, its unique flora and fauna. Walk the living traces of the successive volcanic eruptions that have shaped the landscape through thousands of years.

Duration: 2 hours approx per section

Guided nature walk with BirdsChile

Bird watching
Enjoyf the best hours of the day to search for birds in the central valley between Lake Llanquihue and the Maullín River Basin.

Visit varied ecosystems such as wetlands, forests and meadows and find as many species as possible. Take advantage of the twilight activity of species such as Nuco (Asioflammeus), Chuncho (Glaciudium nana) among others.


Treking La Junta – Cochamó
We will go to the starting point of our walk in Cochamó bordering the river to ascend about 4.5 hours (13km), always immersed in lush vegetation. From the La Junta Valley you can see the hills and their imposing granite walls. We’ll enjoy the slides and, weather permitting, we’ll swim in its crystal clear waters. The walk back is 4 hours approx.

Duration: full day
Contact: +56 9 8640 5042


Touring kayak on Todos los Santos lake

Sail the wonderful Todos los Santos Lake, visit the León River lighthouse and Vicente Perez Rosales National Park.

Duration: 6-7 hours aprox.


recorre la zona

the basin, cochamó, ralún …

Full day trips that you can do independently.

From this valley you can make multiple trails that lead to spectacular peaks, waterfalls, lagoons and forests. Ideal destination for climbers.

More information and activities in,

For lunch, we recommend Restaurant La Ollita,www.facebook.com/ollita1234

Villa Peulla
Peulla is a small lake port along the east coast of Lake Todos los Santos, very close to the border with Argentina. To get there you must get to Puerto Petrohué, from where you can take a catamaran to sail for 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Book your excursion, www.turistour.cl

In Peulla there are restaurant services, walks and hikes such as the path to the Velo de Novia waterfall, which is very easy to access.

Llanquihue lake basin
Explore the Lake Llanquihue basin: start with a walk through Puerto Varas and visit the Pablo Fierro Museum of Art and Antiquities.

Following the Lake Road you will arrive at Frutillar to visit the Lake Theater and the German Colonial Museum.

Also visit Puerto Octay, the first port of departure for agricultural products to Osorno. Get to know the Parish of San Agustín from 1896. It will surprise you with one of the most spectacular wooden interiors in southern Chile.

Antonio Felmer Museum

Housed in an old barn of German colonial architecture, you’ll find three fantastic floors of galleries that span decades of German colonization history, including their tools, toys and inventions.

A guided tour that will make this an educational, entertaining and enriching experience. ¡A can´t miss! For all ages.


Termas del Sol, Puelo

Las Termas del Sol is about 55 miles away (1.45h), which has 10 natural thermal pools, and 1000 feet of walkways in a unique environment.


Where to eat

for every taste!

Fast food, homemade and luxury restaurants.

La Base Restaurant

A place where good cuisine and atmosphere are combined in a very special way. We prepare simple dishes, incorporating local ingredients, perfect to win over diners of any age. Book and see for yourself.

Ruta 225 Km 40, Ensenada – Puerto Varas
+569 3862 8520

El Ranchito

Homemade meals will take you to live a unique experience, with exquisite preparations full of delicious flavors. Homemade food, meat, fish.

Ruta 225 Km 42, Ensenada – Puerto Varas
+56 9 6516 7075

El Sitio

Signature cuisine on the shore of Lake Llanquihue.
Wednesday-Sunday: 1- 5 PM
Thrusday-Saturday: 6:30 – 9 PM

Ruta 225 km 42, Ensenada – Puerto Varas

Cafetería Ranchito Express

Pastries with a homemade concept. Cakes, cheesecake, kuchen, waffles, cookies, chot dogs, sandwich, etc. Friendly service in a calm and relaxed environment.

Ruta 225 km 42, Ensenada – Puerto Varas
+569 6109 2158

Restaurant El Toqui

Typical dishes of the region.

Ruta 225 Km 42.2, Ensenada – Puerto Varas

Il Viaggio Pizza e Pasta

We invite you to try our excellent homemade doughs in our dining room and terrace with views of the Osorno Volcano.

Ruta 225 km 39,5, Ensenada – Puerto Varas
+56 9 9449 6458