concept & practice

La Colmena eco lodge has been built with the health of our planet in mind.

In construction, our focus has been on the reuse of obsolete and otherwise non-recyclable materials.

Today we have a solar energy system and rainwater collection ponds to supply 80% of our operation, generating minimal impact on the territory.

The interior walls are filled with thousands of ecobricks for plastic waste managing.
We are focused on recycling, waste reduction and food waste composting.
We have a biofilter for the natural treatment of gray water from showers, which is reused to irrigate the gardens in summer.
The house has solar energy. Kitchen appliances are latest models that help conserve energy (A+).
We use local products, fresh, seasonal produce for a more sustainably sourced and healthier cuisine.
We offer green activities and workshops so our guests can participate in socially and environmentally responsible tourism.
Water conservation: linen and towel reuse program; low-flow fixtures; rainwater collection; treatment pond for gray water.
Recycled and collected materials have been applied throughout, giving new life and purpose to some really awesome items!

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