safety and hygiene


We are prepared to open the doors to our guests considering measures that will ensure an unforgettable stay with our entire team.

Upon your arrival

  • Agile Check-in process.
  • The guest will be notified about the safety, health and hygiene procedures established in La Colmena. These procedures are based on the protocols that have been established by Minsal and Fedetur.
  • Footbath: disinfectant mat at the entrance to sanitize the shoes of everyone who wishes to enter.
  • Mandatory Sanitation Area: application of alcohol gel, temperature measurement and disinfection of clothing and luggage.
  • In case of group arrivals, the procedure will be carried out one by one, keeping a minimum distance within the sanitation area.
  • Activation of risk protocols for cases of guests with a temperature greater than 37.5 °.

During your stay

  • The rooms are ventilated during the cleaning and sanitizing service prior to your arrival.
  • In Phase 2 there is no maid service. Our staff will only enter your room in case of emergency. We can change your towels upon request.
  • Sanitation of bed linen and towels.
  • Use of sanitizer Quaternary ammonium with copper nanoparticles for cleaning rooms: surfaces and items such as furniture, lights, drawer and door handles, light switches, curtain pulls, trash cans, glasses, faucets, knobs, floor, hair dryers and toilet drain handles, etc.
  • Disinfection of high traffic spaces such as bathrooms, reception and entrance. The cleaning plan focuses on surfaces exposed to contact such as light switches, buttons, doors, tables, chairs.


All guests must complete the Affidavit of Health, which can be download here, and present to us upon arrival.


  • Breakfast will be provided to each guest through à la carte service that will include a selection of salty options, sweets, juices, drinks, bakery, cheeses and a variety of eggs.
  • All meals come directly from the kitchen and are brought to each guest by a waiter, who wears a face mask from the kitchen directly to the diner.

In the common areas

  • Mandatory use of a mask for guests and staff. Correct application of mask, covering nose and mouth.
  • Mandatory minimum distance of 1 meter between people.
  • Protocol of minimum distance of 1.5 meters between posts in all common areas.
  • There will be no plates, napkins, cutlery or condiments on the tables. All of these items will be brought directly to the table with the service to reduce your contact to a minimum.

Tours and programs

  • Guest temperature measurement before each tour and program. In the event that any guest has a temperature greater than 37.5 °, they will not be able to participate in the excursion and the Risk Protocols will be activated.
  • Mandatory use of a mask throughout the excursion. The person in charge of the tour and / or program must always carry alcohol gel and gloves.
  • All vehicles and equipment to be used in tours or programs will be sanitized before and after being delivered to each guest.
  • Tours and programs will be in small groups to guarantee a safe distance between people.
  • Design of activities: reduced spaces and areas susceptible to concentrating crowds are avoided.

La Colmena