for your information

house rules

For your safety

– Smoking is permitted only in designated outdoor smoking areas.

– Please refrain from any other act that may cause a fire in the room or anywhere in the house.

– Please review the emergency exit instructions posted on the inside of the guest room door and locate the emergency exits promptly upon your arrival.

– Please remember to always leave your room key with Reception. If you lose your key, you will be charged USD 10 for replacement.

– Please make sure your door is locked when you leave your room.

– Please refrain from holding meetings with outside visitors in your room.

– The House reserves the right to enter the rooms at any time deemed necessary.

Your cooperation is requested

Please do not bring onto the premises of the House any of the following:
1)Animals or birds of any kind; Dogs and cats are welcome, with prior reservation.
(2)Gunpowder, oils or other explosives or inflammables;
(3)Objects emitting a foul odor;
(4)Firearms or swords;
(5)Objects of an unusually large size or in unusually large quantities; and
(5)Objects of an unusually large size or in unusually large quantities; and

– Gambling, contraband, prostitution, weapons, explosives, flammable objects, poisons and drugs are strictly prohibited on premises.

– Please do not hang any items or objects whatsoever from the windows / balcony of your room.

– Please do not hang any items or objects whatsoever from the windows / balcony of your room.

– Please refrain from using equipment or fixtures for purposes other than those intended. Please do not remove or alter any equipment or fixtures of the House.

– You are reminded that unauthorized publication for business purposes of photographs taken on the premises of the House may be subject to legal action.

– You will be charged for any damage to the House’s property caused by you or by your guests.

cats & dogs welcome

Pet friendly

We accept 1 animal per room

Your pets’ stay must be arranged at the time of your reservation and will be granted as per availabilty upon first-come / first-serve basis. We will ask you to accept our STAY POLICIES FOR PETS, holding you responsible for any damage or additional cleaning.

We love dogs

In order not to disturb our other guests, dogs must remain leashed at all times. We have a fenced area where they may stay together with other dogs. If your dog doesn’t do well with others, please consider other options.

We love cats too

In order not to inconvenience other guests and to protect native fauna, cats must remain in your room.

Please bring eating/drinking bowls, food, pooper scooper/litter box/plastic bags, leash/collar and their favorite treats and toys.

Book your pet’s stay

Please read our pet policy and fill out the following form to reserve your pet’s stay.



I agree

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1. The entry of pets is allowed, as long as they are domestic animals such as dogs or cats. In no case will the entry of animals such as reptiles, arachnids, birds, among other prohibited species, be allowed.

2. Pets must wear a collar or leash at all times when they move within the property.

3. During the cleaning of the room, the owner and the pet must be absent from the room.

4. Dogs of potentially dangerous breeds will not be accepted on the premises.

5. Pet owners must carry all the necessary grooming implements and clean after them.

6. Pet owners are obliged to clean any type of dirt and or droppings left by them during their stay. Bring the sand and necessary elements so that they do not dirty the room.

7. La Colmena Eco Lodge reserves the right to admit any of these pets, if it deems it convenient for the safety of other guests.

8. The owners or the person in charge of the pet will be responsible to any visitor or domestic animal that is affected in their physical or emotional integrity and will be charged for the repair, damage or replacement caused by their pet of the elements that are an integral part of the room.

9. It is forbidden for pets to sleep on beds, sofas, towels or linen in the house that are for the exclusive use of people.

10. All pets are the sole responsibility of their owner. La Colmena Eco Lodge does not currently offer any type of pet care service.